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Llaima update, 25 December 2008 25 December 2008

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Eruptive activity at Llaima volcano, 22 December 2008. Picture by Jean Paul de la Harpe, POVI.
Above: Eruptive activity at Llaima volcano, 22 December 2008. Picture: Jean Paul de la Harpe, POVI.

Thanks to Werner Keller and our friends at POVI, the Llaima Visual Observation Project, we have news and a picture of the most recent activity of Llaima volcano, Chile.

Llaima has had a quiet few months since the activity of the winter and early spring (for northern hemisphere readers, that’s summer and early autumn). Since mid-December, however, the level of fumarolic activity has increased gradually, and on 11 December two small debris avalanches descended the west flank of the volcano, rolling through a channel in the ice created by past eruptive activity.

On 22 December there were two weak ash emissions at 13:48 and 21:10 local time; an image of the earlier event, taken from the south of the volcano by POVI-Project member Jean Paul de la Harpe, is reproduced at the top of this post. This activity is probably a precursor to further eruptive activity in the near future. There had been heavy snow fall on the day preceding this activity, indicating that large volumes of melt water were responsible for this phreatomagmatic activity.

Aster thermal images of Llaima captured on 18 December show that the summit temperature of the volcano remains elevated.

Thanks again to Werner Keller and all at POVI for this report and image, and for all the Llaima information and pictures they have contributed to The Volcanism Blog in the course of this year. More activity can confidently be expected in the New Year from Llaima, one of Chile’s most consistently active volcanoes.

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