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Volcán Cerro Machín – new website 15 December 2008

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Cerro Machín in Colombia showed some significant activity recently and, although things are quiet at the moment, the volcano continues to cause concern: an eruption at Machín has the potential to be very hazardous and destructive. With this in mind a new website intended to provide extensive information about the volcano and its activity is to be welcomed. The site is still being developed, but already provides many images, videos, and informative maps including a hazard map compiled from INGEOMINAS sources.

We’ll be including the Volcán Machín site in the ‘information’ section of future Volcanism Blog posts on Cerro Machín.

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1. Ross Worden - 4 January 2009

The emergency preparedness for an eruption of Machin, which had a 3.9 earthquake and 700+ minor shakes in the following 24 hours really sucks.

The wind somtimes blows from west to east here and when it does, if the direction is bad, Ibague, a city of 600,000 will be in the heaviest ash zone. “The doctors here are not preparing for that eventuality at all, for themselves.” A study of West to East wind patterns is essential and if the result is not good, distribution of facial dust masks and duct tape is essential.

The Red Cross is in charge of emergency preparedness and the national ministry of emergency response is none existent. And the Red Cross just doesn’t have access to resourse for a city of 600,000.

The Laav from Machin is supposed to go down the Combeima River, but if there is more than one eruption the lava will fill the river and then Ibague will get it. The first victim will be the Tolima Hospital, which is the biggest in the region. Could mining equipment from The Guajira coal mines keep the river open? A study is necessary!

No advice has been requested from oustide countries, such as The Philippines or the USGS and this place is set up for another Amero.

President Uribe needs a message. Wake up his bureaucrats again.

If you know anyone with a little heat, please pass these observations on. This morning the wind is coming off Tolime to Vergeh. That makes the wind off Machin go directly over the center of Ibague.

Give me a break.

Ross Worden

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