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Warnings issued as Karangetang erupts 4 December 2008

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Karangetang volcano (also known as Api Siau), situated at the northern end of the island of Siau, north of Sulawesi, is among the most active of Indonesia volcanoes. In late November increased seismicity was registered at Karangetang, white and brownish eruption plumes rose to an altitude of 1.8km and incandescent rockslides travelled up to 1km south and west of the main crater. There were further rockslides of incandescent materials on 1 and 2 December, along with projection of incandescent material from the main crater and the eruption of a plume to an altitude of 3km. On 2 December the alert level was raised to the second-highest alert level of orange, and today the volcanological authority has warned local inhabitants and tourists to be ready for further activity, and advised that no-one should climb the volcano above 500m above sea level.

Karangetang is a 1784m stratovolcano with a history of frequent exposive activity generating pyroclastic flows and lahars, and a tendency to grow lava domes in its five summit craters. It is a potentially dangerous volcano and needs careful watching, as its eruptive history shows.

Volcano spews hot ash in central Indonesia – GMA News, 4 December 2008

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