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Ethiopia eruption at NASA Earth Observatory 19 November 2008

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The ‘Image of the Day’ slot at the wonderful NASA Earth Observatory today features the ASTER images of the eruption in the Afar region of Ethiopia that were previewed here yesterday (thanks to our generous friends at NASA). There is an informative commentary and links to very large versions of the original images – 2000 pixels square, around 4MB – which reveal a lot of detail. It is clear from these that the origin of this eruption lies between Alu and Dalaffilla, without showing the precise character of the vents/fissures involved.

Alu/Dalaffilla eruption - ASTER images from 2006 and 2008 (NASA)

Above, detail views of the area of the activity from before and after the eruption (from the large ASTER images) are juxtaposed. The new flows appear to originate from cones along the line of the fissure(s). The south-eastern rim of the Alu horst can be seen at top left, the north-western fringes of Dalaffilla’s cone at bottom right.

N.B. For more discussion of this eruption, see Boris Behncke’s comment on yesterday’s TVB post.

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