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Shiveluch rumbles on 6 November 2008

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A report from RIA-Novosti in Russia says that 170 tremors have been recorded over the last 24 hours at the Kamchatkan volcano Shiveluch, and that the volcano is erupting ash to an altitude of 4000m. According to this report the ash emission is ‘causing problems for air traffic’. The latest reports from Tokyo VAAC, however, indicate that although the eruption has been observed no significant ash cloud has been reported or is expected, and no warnings have been issued.

Shiveluch is a highly active volcano, ‘the most vigorous andesitic volcano of the Kuril-Kamchatka arc’, says the summary page at the Global Volcanism Program.

Volcano spews ash 4,000 meters in Russia’s far east – RIA-Novosti, 6 November 2008

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