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The geoblogosphere at geoberg.de 26 September 2008

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Thanks to a posting at The GeoChristian I’ve just taken a look at a list of geoblogs posted at the German site geoberg.de, and I find that The Volcanism Blog is included, a fact of which I was unaware (although looking at my site statistics I see a steady flow of traffic from that source, so I should have spotted it really). Thanks to geoberg.de for listing this blog.

One of the points to emerge from Callan Bentley’s survey of the geoblogosphere is that it is hard to keep track of the ever-rising number of geoblogs out there (another was the importance of keeping an eye on your site statistics, ahem). There is no complete directory of geoblogs, but the geoberg.de list is the best I’ve seen so far. At the moment it lists 95 blogs, categorized according to topic.

UPDATE: As noted in the comments section below, much public-spirited nocturnal labour has produced an English-language version of the geoberg.de directory, listing over 100 geoblogs. Click here to view the list in English. Many thanks to Lutz at geoberg.de for all his work on this invaluable list.

The Volcanism Blog



1. Lutz - 26 September 2008

Thank you for writing about the geoblog list! I recently added 2 other geoblogs. Now there are 97…

Best regards, Lutz.

2. Lutz - 28 September 2008

I donated some hours of my night, and… here is it – the categorized list of 97 geoblogs in English: geoblogs.geoberg.de.
If you have some remarks and additions, please let me know.

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