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Kasatochi eruption – satellite images 13 August 2008

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Kasatochi volcano in the Aleutian Islands erupted on 7 August: full information about this dramatic and powerful eruption can be found at the Alaska Volcano Observatory and via the coverage at Eruptions.

Kasatochi eruption 8 August 2008 (NASA image)

Kasatochi eruption 10 August 2008 (NASA image)

The images above come from the NASA Earth Observatory site (click on each image to go to the original Earth Observatory page for that image). The upper image, from the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite, shows Kasatochi’s brown eruption plume swirling counterclockwise from the volcano on 8 August 2008. The lower image comes from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument on NASA’s Aura satellite and indicates the levels of sulphur dioxide released by the Kasatochi eruption. The image was captured on 10 August 2008. The NASA caption for this image notes that the Kastachi eruption cloud contained about 1.5 million tons (1.36 million tonnes) of sulphur dioxide, and is one of the largest volcanic SO2 clouds scientists have tracked since Chile’s Hudson volcano erupted in 1991.

Global Volcanism Program: Kasatochi – summary information for Kasatochi (1101-13-)
Alaska Volcano Observatory – AVO page on the Kasatochi eruption

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