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Brief intermission 2 August 2008

Posted by admin in miscellaneous, personal.

At short notice I need to be away from the keyboard for a few days. Normal service should be resumed here on or around Thursday 7 August 2008. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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1. Brian D - 8 August 2008

Looks like Kasatochi further down the chain of the Aluetians just blew her top this evening. After all the quakes that have been going on up there this year, I’m not surprised to see these eruptions starting to happen.

2. Boris Behncke - 8 August 2008

It did actually start erupting, and it seems they got two biologists who had been on the island evacuated just in time. This is another strongly explosive event, with ash rising to 10-11 km (35,000 ft). Weather conditions appear quite unfavorable for visual observation at the moment, but there is satellite imagery being posted at the AVO web site, which clearly shows a large plume rising through weather clouds. Must be a frantic time at AVO…

3. werner luis - 8 August 2008

Ralph: we are missing your interesting comments!

4. volcanism - 8 August 2008

Sorry for the hold-up … back to normal as soon as possible!

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