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The Daily Volcano Quote: George Poulett Scrope 12 June 2008

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The action of a Volcano, in its simplest and most general form, may be described as, the rise of earthy substances in a liquefied state and at a high temperature, (Lava,) from beneath the outer crust of the earth; accompanied by prodigious volumes of elastic fluids, which, appearing to be evolved from the interior of the mass, burst upwards with violent successive detonations, scattering into the air, to a considerable height, numerous fragments, still in a liquid state, of the lava, through which they tear their way, together with shattered blocks of the solid pre-existing rocks, which obstructed their expansion.

George Poulett Scrope, Considerations on Volcanos, the Probable Causes of their Phenomena, the laws which Determine their March, the Disposition of their Products, and their Connexion with the Present State and Past History of the Globe; Leading to the Establishment of a New Theory of the Earth (London: W. Phillips, 1825), pp. 1-2.

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