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Hurrah for the geoblogosphere 9 June 2008

Posted by admin in blogs, web resources.

The world of geoblogging is thriving. To see how, pay a visit to Highly Allocthonous where Chris Rowan has posted a list of all the geoblogs currently featured in his invaluable geoblogosphere feed: 45 in all.

And not only do geoblogs have the best images, the best in-depth posts, the best cutting-edge science, the best opinions and insights, they also have the best names. Check them out: Highly Allocthonous, Active Margin, Clastic Detritus, Harmonic Tremors, goodSchist, Magma Cum Laude … inspired stuff. That’s why I chose a boring descriptive name for this place. Just couldn’t compete.

The Volcanism Blog