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Tungurahua update, 7 June 2008 7 June 2008

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After a lively few weeks, Tungurahua seems to be quietening down a little. Ecuador’s Instituto Geofísico (IG) reports in in the latest special bulletin (PDF) for the volcano, dated 6 June 2008, that there has been a significant decline in activity since the dramatic seismic and eruptive events of 28-29 May.

The last notable activity – explosions, ashfall, and significant tremors – occurred on 2 June. Since then there have been ‘only very sporadic signs of tremor, associated with small emission columns of vapour and ash of low energy and low, or even zero, ash content’. There have been no explosive events since 2 June, when two small explosions took place, and the last instances of ashfall were also recorded on that date. ‘In general’, concludes the bulletin, ‘other monitored paramaters of the volcano have declined and it is not expected that it will return to an increased level of activity in a sudden manner’.

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