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Activity at Fuego, Guatemala 3 June 2008

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On 28 May the Instito Nacional de Sismologia, Vulcanología, Meteorología e Hidrologia of Guatemala (INSIVUMEH) issued a special bulletin for Fuego reporting that although no eruption was under way the constant ‘weak to moderate’ explosive activity from the volcano was producing an ash cloud of 700m altitude, which, combined with strong winds at Fuego’s 3763m summit, constituted a potential hazard to civil aviation.

The daily report for 2 June indicates that Fuego’s behaviour is changing: the explosive activity is continuing, but is now accompanied by lava fountains reaching 50-100m in height which have produced a small (100m) lava flow along the Santa Teresa ravine. There is the possibility that this erupted material may produce a blockage in the crater over the next few days. ‘Although activity is low for the moment’, notes the report, ‘it may be that this is the beginning of a possible eruption similar to that of the year 2007 in the next few days or weeks’. INSIVUMEH will continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate measures.

The eruption of August 2007 at Fuego produced lava flows and ashfall, and led to local evacuations. Explosive eruptions producing a 10-15km eruption column occurred in December 2007.

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