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Blog to watch: Eruptions 26 May 2008

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Eruptions is a new volcanology blog run by Dr Erik W. Klemetti, who is a post-doctoral scholar in geology (igneous petrology/volcanology) at UC-Davis.

Dr Klemetti’s aim is ‘to try to summarize eruptions as they occur, translate some of the volcanic processes that are happening and comment on the reports themselves’. The blog began on 2 May, which was nice timing because on the same day Chaitén erupted. Excellent coverage of that eruption ensued.

Highly recommended: Eruptions.

The Volcanism Blog


1. Fresh Bilge - 27 May 2008

[…] Via The Volcanism Blog, I found another niche site called Eruptions. This blog has excellent photos and crisp text, but it is marred by poor design: ashen text and red links are almost unreadable on the black backdrop. I suppose the author associates these colors with his specialty, but he needs to consider his readers’ eyes and provide more contrast. Black on pale gray would work, but not the reverse. Following one link, I came in turn to SpaceRef — an aggregator of space news. Eruptions’ blogger had found a satellite image here. It’s worth a bookmark. Posted at 10:13 AM | | […]

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