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Chaitén flooded: pictures 22 May 2008

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Many thanks to Werner Keller of the Villarrica and Llaima Volcanoes Visual Observation Project (POVI) in Chile for the following pictures of the town of Chaitén, flooded and overwhelmed by rivers choked by volcanic deposits. The pictures are © terra.cl.

Chaitén flooded.

Chaitén flooded.

Chaitén flooded.

Chaitén flooded.

The three upper views of the town, from the south, east, and north-east respectively, suggest that the recent estimates of 90-95% of Chaitén being flooded are probably accurate enough. The bottom picture shows the river mouth and harbour, choked by volcanic material and accumulated sediment (which can also be seen dispersing into the sea in the second and third pictures from the top).

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