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All quiet at Chaitén? 21 May 2008

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A new Chaitén bulletin from SERNAGEOMIN today, the first for five days. It describes the system of seismic monitoring stations which is being installed at Chaitén by a joint USGS/SERNAGEOMIN team, but has absolutely nothing to say about the situation at the volcano itself.

Buenos Aires VAAC is maintaining ‘continuous emission’ status for Chaitén and their red alert remains in place, but their latest advisory reports that no ash cloud can be seen on satellite imagery and forecasts ‘nil’ ash over the next few hours. Cloud cover in the region is very heavy, and satellite images show no perceptible emissions from the volcano. Whatever Chaitén is putting out at the moment, if anything, is on too small a scale to rise above the clouds. The following visible-spectrum Goes-12 image (from the Servicio Meteorológico Nacional of Argentina), taken at 16:09 UTC on 20 May 2008, shows a sea of cloud with nothing special apparently going on over Chaitén (marked by the ‘x’) at all.

Servicio Meteorológico Nacional - Imagen de satélite Visible Goes-12 en alta resolución

Above: detail of Goes-12 satellite image of North Patagonia taken at 16:09:57 on 20 May 2008. The location of Chaitén volcano is marked by ‘x’. (Credit: Servicio Meteorológico Nacional, Argentina. The original image is here)

An animated Servicio Meteorológico Nacional Goes-12 image from the previous day, 19 May 2008, shows a relatively small northward-trending plume. And a beautifully clear satellite view taken on the same day can be found at Fresh Bilge under the appropriate heading ‘Snow and Ash’.

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Global Volcanism Program: Chaitén – summary information for Chaitén (1508-41)
ONEMI, Oficina Nacional de Emergencia – Chilean government emergencies office (Spanish)
SERNAGEOMIN – volcanology information from the Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería (Spanish)
Servicio Meteorológico Nacional: Imágenes Satelitales – real-time satellite images from the Argentine National Meteorological Service: the ‘Norte Patagonia’ region covers Chaitén

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