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Chaitén: where to go for images of the eruption 9 May 2008

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The ongoing Chaitén eruption has produced some stunning images, from both terrestrial photography and satellite imaging. Not many have been featured here at The Volcanism Blog, partly for copyright reasons and partly because the images are easily available elsewhere. Below are some sites that are doing a particularly good job of showcasing some of the dramatic pictures that have come out of the Chaitén eruption. Please respect copyright in any use you make of these images.

The following collections are all hosted at the Chilean site Mega Galerias, and constitute only a small sample of what is available there. To list all the Chaitén galleries, use the keyword search (not the search at the top of the page, but the one marked ‘Ingresa palabra clave’ further down) and enter ‘Chaitén’. Make sure the accent is over the ‘e’, or it won’t want to know.

The Argentine weather site Nuestroclima, which is a great place to go for weather- and climate-related imagery, has a couple of posts featuring Chaitén images with commentary on its blog and will doubtless feature more as time goes on:

I’ll add to this list as I become aware of other good sources for Chaitén images. If you find any resources that should be listed here, please let me know.

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