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Chaitén: new satellite images from Earth Observatory 8 May 2008

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Two new satellite images of Chaitén volcano in eruption have been published at the NASA Earth Observatory Natural Hazards web site. Both images were captured by Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) equipment on 6 May 2008, the first (upper) by NASA’s Terra satellite at 11:05 local time and the second (lower) by NASA’s Aqua satellite at 15:15 local time.

05 6 May 2008 (NASA)

Above: image of Chaitén eruption captured by NASA’s Terra satellite, 11:05 on 6 May 2008. The white plume can be seen deflected north-east from the volcano, then spreading eastwards across Argentina. Grey ash deposits mark the landscape south of the plume.

15 6 May 2008 (NASA)

Above: image of Chaitén eruption captured by NASA’s Aqua satellite, 15:15 on 6 May 2008. Since the first image was taken a few hours earlier the plume has crossed the whole width of Argentina and has reached the Atlantic Ocean over Golfo San Matías, about 800km south of Buenos Aires. Large areas of ashfall are visible on the landscape below.

Full-size images, commentary and links to further information from NASA: EO Natural Hazards: Chaiten volcano erupts.

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1. eunice - 8 May 2008

Thanks so much for these updates! I stumbled onto this site while searching for info on the eruption after CNN’s live feed was discontinued.

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