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Submarine volcano discovered off Iceland: report 8 April 2008

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Iceland Review Online reports today that a large submarine volcano has been found off the Reykjanes peninsula in southwest Iceland.

Volcanologist Ármann Höskuldsson from the University of Iceland and a team of scientists recently discovered a more than 50-square-kilometer volcano off Reykjanes peninsula, southwest Iceland, and expect it to erupt at any time. In the center of the volcano there is a caldera measuring ten kilometers in diameter.

The presence of such a large caldera volcano in an area of ocean ridge volcanism is ‘a surprise’. The volcano reported here is presumably part of the Reykjaneshryggur submarine volcanic system, although the article doesn’t say so.

Höskuldsson and his team will be presenting a paper on their discovery at the IAVCEI 2008 general assembly to be held in Reykjavík in August.

Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program – volcanoes of Iceland and the Arctic Ocean
Volcanoes in Iceland – University of Iceland Institute of Earth Sciences

Giant underwater volcano discovered in Iceland – Iceland Review Online, 8 April 2008

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1. Ruslan - 8 April 2008

Nice find! Wowza!

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