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Tungurahua update 21 February 2008 21 February 2008

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Seismic activity appears to be increasing at Tungurahua after a few days of relative calm, but there is little explosive activity. An eruption column of steam and ash between 2km and 3km in height was reported on Wednesday 20 February. Ash fall has been reported in areas south and south-west of the volcano, and recent rains have increased the danger of lahars. From the latest daily bulletin (PDF) issued by the Instituto Geofísico, 20 February 2008:

The level of seismic activity remains high, seismically characterized by the generation of tremor signals that are associated with emissions of steam, gas and ash. During yesterday ashfalls were reported in nearby towns located to the west and south-west of the volcano. Due to the presence of rain overnight yesterday, it is reported that lahars were generated that affected the area of La Pampa.

… Today an eruption column with a moderate burden of ash was observed, about 2 km in altitude and heading south-east. During yesterday ashfalls were reported in the sectors of Choglontus, Manzano, Palitahua and Bilbao. Rain and lahars: reports last night said that the presence of rain generated lahars which affected the road in the area of La Pampa this morning.

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Instituto Geofísico (Escuela Politecnica Nacional) – Geophysical Institute of Ecuador

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