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Llaima: new website launched 30 January 2008

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The Chilean Proyecto Observación Visual Villarrica / Internet (POVI), which has for some time been running a very detailed site providing real-time observations of Villarrica volcano, has established a new site devoted to observations of the currently-eruptive Chilean volcano Llaima. From the home page:

Welcome to the website for Llaima volcano, located in the Araucania region of the southern Andes, Chile. This site will publish the results of terrestrial visual and satellite observations of the behaviour of the volcano. Our goal is to deliver as much information as possible, and to make a substantial contribution to the formation of volcanological awareness in Chile.

Not every area of the site is yet functional, but there is an extensive collection of photographs documenting the eruptive activity of 2007-2008.

Proyecto Observación Visual Volcán Llaima – main page of POVI Llaima site (Spanish)

(Information received via the VOLCANO listserv.)

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1. poetryman69 - 31 January 2008

sounds like a good emerging resource

2. RainierSCrusher - 31 January 2008

I am doing this report about Llaima

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