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Activity at Tungurahua, Ecuador 31 December 2007

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The Instituto Geofisico of Ecuador issued bulletins on 22 December 2007 (PDF) and 24 December 2007 (PDF) reporting ongoing activity at Tungurahua Volcano. Earth tremors, ash fall and a glow from the crater have been reported. Some of the tremors during the night of 22-23 December were described as strong enough to rattle windows in nearby towns and villages. On 24 December 1200 residents were evacuated from the surrounding area. The Instituto Geofisico warned in its 24 December 2007 bulletin that, while there are no immediate signs that a highly explosive episode is imminent at Tungurahua, ‘it cannot be ruled out that the volcano’s activity could evolve into a more explosive state over the coming weeks’.

Tungurahua is one of the most active Ecuadorean volcanoes. The current phase of activity began, after several decades of quiescence, in October 1999. On 16 August 2006 an eruption destroyed several villages and killed six people, and ash fall disrupted agriculture, industry and communications across a large area of central Ecuador.

Smithsonian Institution Global Volcanism Program – summary information for Tungurahua (1502-80=)
Instituto Geofisico (Escuela Politecnica Nacional) – Geophysical Institute of Ecuador

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