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Eruption at Shiveluch, Kamchatka 19 December 2007

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Shiveluch, the northernmost volcano of Kamchatka, erupted powerfully on the night of 18/19 December 2007, according to Russian reports. The collapse of a 100-metre lava dome produced large volumes of ash, gas and magmatic materials. Ash rose to heights of 10-12 kilometres, and pyroclastic flows travelling 6-7 kilometres and reaching temperatures of 800 degrees Celsius occurred on the southern slopes. Satellite images show a dark ash plume stretching 600 kilometres to the west of the volcano.

The current phase of eruptive activity at Shiveluch began on 15 August 1999, and the last large-scale eruption was in December 2006. The most recent ash emissions were recorded on 29 August 2007. Shiveluch is one of the most active Kamchatka volcanoes, with over 60 Holocene eruptions recorded.

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